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About A Lucid Dreamer & PLANES Edit

A Lucid Dreamer is a MUD without an engine.  That is to say, it is almost purely conceptual--you can't play it because it only exists in our mind . . . so far. PLANES is a MUD game engine, based on SMAUG 1.4b.  PLANES doesn't have a playable MUD on it, but it does have some great features built in.  Will these two projects come to a marriage made in heaven?  Or will this just be another MUD that wasn't? 

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The following articles (and their talk pages) warrant attention to refine the ideas they contain.  Check them out and make your opinion on these topics heard! Also, please feel free to add to this list.

News Edit

  • We're looking for input from anyone who has opinions about topics, whether they are part of the project or not.  Don't be shy about posting on articles and talk pages; we'd love to hear from you.
  • Cartography skill dreamed up.  Check it out, and have your opinion heard!
  • We're preparing to move PLANES to and some conceptual work on ALD has begun.
  • Filt Sharpwit has joined the team, hurrah!

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