The base stats are the main numerical attributes of a player-character (PC). Almost all other parts of the game are dependent upon these stats. Making sure that each of the stats is important and useful will be critical to game balance. In other words, there is no reason to make a stat that is not going to be used by players. These are the top-level stats and how they function is highly dependent upon the skills below them, so in a way they should be figured out after the skills are. As of right now, they are extremely flexible.



Wisdom could be equivocal to level in conventional MUDs, though it's a bit more discreet. Your wisdom increases as you complete quest lines, kill faction leaders, or at wizard discretion. This is clearly subject to debate, please read more at levels.


This is your conventional intelligence stat. This stat also helps in non-magical cases where logic is important.


This is your ability to apply bodily force, and your pain threshold/endurance. This is the key element in energy.


Precision and swiftness in movement. This will help you while hunting. This may also increase your energy, as it has to do with efficiency of movement as well.


Awareness, common sense, etc. Also helpful in hunting abilities.


This is like a conventional wisdom stat. Probably increases your mana or spiritual energy.

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