Cartography is a skill which improves you ability to orient yourself in the wilderness

Mapping Edit

First, one must understand that when in the wilderness, what is seen is not a map, but the character's view.  For example, if the range of sight is three rooms, a player's perspective might look like this:


If that player then gained a low cartography skill (without moving) the view may look like this:


the black area has not been explored yet, so there is no telling what is out there.  Higher cartography levels may expand the size of the map further. Now, suppose the character explores the surrounding area and then returns to the same spot. The map may look like this:


The explored area is white, the area within range of sight is full-color. With the highest cartography skill, the map size increases so a range of 10 squares from the player:


Map Pinning Edit

Under the current wilderness system, conventional "SMAUG-style" areas may often be connected directly to the wilderness area, without the changing the icon from the terrain icon that is already present.  This can make it difficult to find and remember where some places are, since there may not be many landmarks on the map in such a vast wilderness.  To solve this problem, the cartography skill allows map pinning:


As you can see, a pin icon is on the map, on some mountains  To pin the map, simply go to that room and type pin map.  Other possibilities might be to choose the pin color, e.g. pin map yellow, pin map blue, et cetera.

Skill Notes Edit

Cartography could act as a pre-requisite to join the wizard's guild.  Those familiar with the technique of pinning could use similar methods to activate magical ley-lines, which in turn could be used to teleport to or create portals!

What Else? Edit

What other subskills, commands, or useful features could be added to orienteering, mapping, and Cartography?

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