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A Lucid Dreamer does not have traditional MUD classes.  When you start the game, you are just whoever you are, you train your knowlege, skills, and spells at the library and the militia barracks from the experts there.  Once you have reached certain proficiency levels in your skills, you will be invited to join a guild or other some-such group, where you can learn more, class-specific skills.  For example, the militia will only be able to teach you sword skills up to 25%, but once you reach that, a wandering warrior character in town will invite you to go to the warrior's society and join up, where you will be able to train to higher levels of swordplay, and additional skills.  Of course this entire system hangs on exactly what classes, or guilds we decide to put in, and also exactly what skills will be available.  

That being said, skills need to be decided before classes.  Also, if the plan is to create an EmpireMUD-type MUD, then classes need to be on the back burner, and base skills will be most important.  Furthermore, all classes need to be implemented at once, we can't just trickle them in one-at-a-time, as players will rush to the first one.