The Drying House is a world building which can be used for for drying tobaccos for use in smoking with a pipe. Although a Drying House is not necessary for all players, as pipes and tobacco can be purchased from merchants, it is essential for those players interested in harvesting their own tobaccos.

Needed Resources to BuildEdit

  • 40 Logs
  • 40 Sticks
  • 20 Rocks

Map RepresentationEdit

  • Possible visual representation on map: (DH)

Room DescriptionEdit

The pungent smell of tobacco fills the air, wisping your thoughts off to relaxing meadows, rushing rivers and many other far-off places. Drying racks are setup against each wall and you see tobacco leaves drying in sunlight which is filtering through a large hole in the roof; is it very hot in here. In the center of the room is a large hearth with drying racks installed above it for smoking tobacco leaves.

Interact-able ItemsEdit

  • Hearth: Logs need to be placed on the hearth in order to smoke tobacco leaves. 10 logs and 10 sticks are needed to begin the process. You require a flint set in order to start the sticks in the hearth on fire.
  • Racks: Used to place tobacco leaves on for drying. No other materials are needed to use drying racks.

Possible UsageEdit

  • light hearth (10 logs and 10 sticks needed, also a flint set)
  • fill hearthrack 10 [tobacco]
  • fill rack 10 [tobacco]


After a set amount of time, the tobacco leaves become dried or smoked and are automatically stored in the building. In order to retrieve the smoked or dried tobacco, the retrieve command would be used.

  • Example: retrieve 10 smoked [tobacco]
  • Example: retrieve 10 dried [tobacco]

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