In order to smoke from any pipe, you need to have a prepared tobacco. Tobacco can be harvested, picked and then dried by players, or purchased from tobacco merchants. Drying tobacco on your own in beneficial since you do not need to purchase tobacco from merchants.

Proposed usageEdit

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In order to dry tobacco, a special Drying House needs to be built. Drying houses are separate buildings which are created for the sole purpose of drying tobacco.

There are two types of drying methods, Smoking and Normal Drying.


You can smoke your tobacco leaves in a Drying House by burning logs in the hearth. Smoked tobacco leaves add additional effects when smoked by a player; these would be only positive benefits. Smoking would have no positive benefits added to any tobacco which causes negative effects to a player.

Possible Herbalism tie-inEdit

In order to smoke a full batch of leaves, approximately 10 logs would be required. In addition to logs, there is the potential to combine Herbs in a hearth in order to produce other magical effects (? - Perhaps elaborate/brainstorm on this).

Additional effects from SmokingEdit

  • Your HP is increased by 10% of maximum
  • Your build speed is increased by 5%
  • Your craft/assemble/melt/blow/manufacture speed is increased by 5%-10%
  • Your mana is increased by 10% of maximum

This list is not complete and needs additions, please add if you have ideas

Normal DryingEdit

Normal drying is performed by placing harvested/picked tobacco leaves on drying racks located in a Drying House.

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