EmpireMUD has shallow gameplay, is not really immersive, and is not at all conducive to 'roleplay' or any other form of player interaction. Nevertheless, it does have some redeeming qualities.  For instance, players can build their own little areas on the wilderness map, and they will be there forever, unless someone attacks you.  It is the persistence that makes it addictive--what you put in to the game has tangible and lasting results on the world.  Unfortunately the game isn't very fun, and it's not very well documented at all. 

If one were to get rid of or automate the boring parts, and add some more depth to the fun parts (like crafting and building) and find ways to encourage people to interact with each other (perhaps make it advantageous to be in a centralized location, instead of everyone holed up in there little castles, and then added a game storyline, instead of the self-induced and ultimately boring so-called 'RP' melodrama that does ensue in the occasional brief player interactions, then it might be worth something.

EmpireMUD uses the Whitewolf universe scheme, but nobody cares or even knows that that means, other than that it's vampires and werewolves in addition to humans.

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