There are three main stats that come in to play, all of which can be said to contribute to your overall health. These three stats are energy, wound level, and bleed level.


Energy is fairly equivocal to hit points but more like your fatigue level. If it reaches 0, you lose consciousness. The formula for your energy level is based on your base stats.

Wound LevelEdit

The severity of your wounds affects your abilities and energy regeneration. Perhaps some abilities will not be available if you are too wounded. When you see someone or something that is wounded, or on your status page, it will display the condition as [adverb] wounded.

Examples from least to greatest severity:

  • Barely wounded
  • Lightly wounded
  • Wounded
  • Badly wounded
  • Severely wounded

Bleed LevelEdit

How badly you or a mob is bleeding is also an important factor. Bleeding drains energy. Bleeding also needs to be stopped or reduced before wounds can be healed, as it would be impossible to be bleeding profusely but uninjured!

Bleed levels carry an adverb after them depending on their severity, for example:

  • Bleeding slightly
  • Bleeding slowly
  • Bleeding
  • Bleeding freely
  • Bleeding profusely


When you look at a player, NPC, or animal, it will show its wound/bleed levels.

Some examples:

  • Antron is lightly wounded.
  • A squirrel is badly wounded and bleeding freely.
  • Sharmair is wounded and bleeding slowly.


Blunt weapons tend to wound, while edged weapons tend to cause bleeding.

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