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Skills and Spells are leaned at various places in town from trainers. Basic knowledge skills are learned at the library, while basic action skills are learned at the barracks. Higher skills are taught by guild-specific trainers.  Also, a skill isn't just one command, it is a skillset. For example, a "swordplay" skill might include "parry" and "disarm" in addition to increasing your aptitude with swords.

Skill Levels and Training Edit

A MUD which does not have levels, like A Lucid Dreamer, is generally skill-based, meaning that characters overall success are measured by their abilities, not an arbitrary number called 'level'.

How Do MUDs Handle Skill Increasing? Edit

Training Edit

Some MUDs simply allow the player to train skills, generally using some form of training points which they gain when they level up.  Sometimes experience points can be spent directly on skills, without leveling.  This has the disadvantage of requiring either a level system (which ALD does not have) or an


Notching is when a skill upgrades itself by use.  For example, if there is a swordsmanship skill, it will increase occasionally (randomly) each time you use a sword.  The disadvantage is that it makes it easy for players to simply set triggers to notch their skills, spamming the same command over and over while they are asleep or at work.


Skills improve over time.  This can mean either logged-in time or real-time.


Skills are gained by doing quests.  I have not actually seen this, but I imagine it's out there.

A Lucid Dreamer's Skill-Levelling System Edit

ALD uses a fusion of all four of the system mentioned above.  For the purposes of example, let's take herbalism.  Having no knowledge of herbalism, you might train it to rank 5, perhaps from reading an herb guide at the library.  That's the training system.  Now, when you use the skill, there is a chance that it will meta-notch.  That means that the actual skill doesn't increase, however a counter does.  You will not be able to further train the skill until you have meta-notched your skill completely. There is the notching aspect.  Now, to keep players from simply botting their characters to notch skills, there will be a timer element, which will not allow you to meta-notch too quickly.  Given enough time, a player could still just bot (in a very time-inefficient way), however they still have to train their skill after they have completed meta-notching.  Training a skill may often require a small (usually token) quest to demonstrate that they have used their skill.  For example, someone might demand some tea leaves in order to teach them more about the skill of herbalism.

List of Skills Edit

This is a list of completely speculative skills by the location it might be trained.  Please feel free to arbitrarily add any skill that you think of.  Please also see Talk:Knowledge, Skills, and Spells .

Library Edit

Barracks Edit

  • Hunting
  • Searching (Perception/Awareness?)
  • Stealth - Hiding/Sneaking
  • Physical Training (increases energy)
  • Basic Weapon Skills (for each weapon type)

Guild Hall Edit

  • Teleport (wizard)
  • Portal (wizard)
  • Advanced Weapon Usage

Unknown or Undecided Edit

  • Snares
  • Tracking
  • Skinning/Scalping
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