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maybe some sort of system where you prepare a spell,
then you can fire it off quickly..  it should take some time to prepare
it..  but at that point you keep it in mind then can fire it off quickly
as needed..  perhaps a "magical focus" skill defines how many casts
you get out of one preparation, but you can only prepare one spell at a time

however, you could also write scrolls, which would be a one-off of the spell

'or you could craft magic wands, which would be used to fire the spell, but they only have a limited number of charges

'and also the wants would have to be crafted with resources, and you'd need to right resources to make the uncharged wand for the right spell, then you would need to charge it

'like, you's need a stick and a polished red spinel in order to make "a spinel-tipped wand" which the wizard could tell using a lore ability if it was charged or not