Pipes are used to smoke Tobacco and add effects to your character after smoking them for a period of time. In order to smoke from any pipe, you must have a prepared tobacco. There are many types of pipes, each with their own attributes and effects.

Pipes can be used specifically for receiving beneficial buffs, or use for role-play purposes.

Pipe CraftingEdit

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Depending on how stats affect crafting abilities, or how crafting abilities are learned, pipe crafting could potentially be done by any player. Basic pipes could be carved from a stick/log/tree and would provide no additional effects to the use of tobaccos. More complex pipes, needing a more advanced crafting skill, could be blown from glass, sculpted in a potter or forged with metals. Complex pipes would add bonuses to tobaccos that add buffs to players.

Pipe TypesEdit

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There are two different categories of pipes: simple and complex pipes.

Proposed usageEdit

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Example of usage:

fill [pipe] [tobacco]
smoke [pipe]


  • Pipes could be purchased from merchants or crafted by players
  • Pipes could be used to smoke herbs or tobaccos purchased or created by the interested player
  • The quality or type of each pipe could add effects to tobaccos smoked in the pipe
For example:
A simple cob pipe combined with pungent leafy tobacco could give the player a simple buff
A finely crafted pipe combined with pungent leafy tobacco could give the player a more powerful buff because it was smoked in a better-quality pipe
  • Smoking specific tobaccos in specific pipes could yield different results, either positive or negative
For example:
Smoking Corojo tobacco in a silver metal pipe could give a very strong buff to the player, something which lasts an hour or more of actual play-time

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