Raw resources are collected in the wilderness and used for crafting.  The types of resources you can find are dependent upon the terrain type and your skill level in finding that particular type of item. 

Resource-Gathering Commands Edit

Resources are gathered using learned skills and the following commands:

Search Edit

Using the search command, players can search for simple items that one might find simply sitting around in the wilderness if you look closely enough. Examples might be an acorn, a pine cone, feathers, a beehive.  (What else?)   This might be its own skill, or might tie in directly to the perception stat.

Hunt  Edit

Hunt to flush out animals hiding nearby.

Main article: Hunting

Fish Edit

Fish on or next to water.  Different types of fish come from different types of water (rivers, lakes, ocean, etc).  This is simply a culinary skill, though there may be a fishing contest, or special items found by fishing (as in Zelda, World of Warcraft, and probably every other RPG ever) but I wouldn't expect it to be a major component of the game.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there is fishing in EmpireMUD?  Neither did I!

Forage Edit

With the herbalism skill, you can forage for herbs, plants, flowers, mushrooms, berries with medicinal or culinary uses.

Main article: Herbalism

Prospect Edit

Prospect for rocks, ore, gems, and other precious stones.

Assess Edit

Assess the area for building materials, such as suitable trees, blocks of granite, etc.  This is just a very rough idea of how the system might work, and is totally open to change.  In fact, we probably won't use it at all.  See more at Building.

Text file dump that needs to be formatted Edit

This article contains completely unrefined ideas which the author just came up with, and should not be considered part of A Lucid Dreamer. You can help refine these ideas by using the talk/discussion page for this article.

Each finding command should have different levels of items that it can find. Perhaps the 
treasure table would look something like this:

		Common		uncommon	rare		magical
Deep Forest:
	search:	acorn,pinecone	feather		beehive		heart of the forest
	hunt:	rabbit,squirrel	wolf,deer	hawk,moose	unicorn,dryad
	forage:	tealeaf, stick	herb1, berries	herb2, truffles	herb3,?
	prosp.:	round pepple	cleaved stone	semiprec. stone (mossy rolling stone?)	
	assess:	branches	large tree	huge tree	Enchanting Yule tree
						(for ship masts)

And so on with one or two items for each level of rarity, search command, and terrain type.
Not including NULL and Deep Ocean, this equates to 280 basic materials  (assuming average 
of one per command*terrain*rarity).  with just that, the building possibilities are pretty 
endless. using just any two items, you can make 78,400 items. 

the animals themselves are of course not raw materials, but should produce them when 
killed.  Leather and fur, primarily.  Also they should have a secondary, rare thing that 
they produce occasionally, in addition to their skin. Example:

ANIMAL		skin		bonus
Rabbit:		fur pelt	rabbit foot
squirrel	fur pelt	Squirrel tail
wolf		fur pelt(x3)	wolf head
deer		fur pelt(x3)	buck antlers
hawk		feather		hawk talon
moose		animal hide(x5)	moose antlers
unicorn		animal hide(x3)	unicorn horn
dryad		branches	dryad's tear

The explanation for the bonus materials not being available 100% of the time is that they
were damaged and rendered useless in combat.

If having to type "hunt" and they take the round-time penalty every time you enter a room
sounds like a huge pain in the ass, you're right!  That why you will be able to get pets
that will basically do it for you.  For hunting, you have your trusty hound that will
automatically flush out any game as you enter the room (and much quicker than you could
do it yourself, too) ... for foraging, perhaps a truffle-pig is what you need.  A trained
hawk could do the searching for you.  Prospecting and assessment could be done by a hired

Different animals/types of people would be available.  Perhaps more expensive ones would
have better results, or it could just be for flair.