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SMAUG (Simulated Medieval Adventure Multi-User Game) is a Merc and DikuMUD derived MUD server.  Its name is a backronym inspired by the dragon Smaug found in's fiction. The project was started in May of 1994 by Derek Snider and in July of 1994, Realms of Despair, was opened to the public.  In December of 1996 the SMAUG source code was publicly released due to an earlier leak of the code and some areas.

SmaugFUSS (Fixed Up SMAUG Source) is an ongoing project dedicated to finding and eliminating as many of the bugs in the stock SMAUG source code as possible in order to provide a cleaner and more stable base for new admins wanting to run a SMAUG MUD.

SMAUG has served as a base for the development of several other MUDs, including PLANES and Untamed Lands.