Sharmair, preparing to unleash her unholy Sith armies upon the galaxy.

Clearly the best coder to ever grace her presence on the Internets. Brilliant and beautiful to those who have known her for a great deal of time, her origins still remain a secret. It has been speculated that she is, in fact, an evil sorceress sent from the nether regions beyond the outer rim of the galaxy to seduce our minds and then destroy our brains using only 16-color ASCII.  

Sharmair has an unusual proclivity for dragons, and it is believed that her true form is that of a massive, 50-foot dragon who breathes the very sub-atomic particles of the universe, deconstructs them, then rebuilds them into different shapes, matter, and energy at will.

Some mistake her methodical approach to every situation as having a cumbersome intellect, though this view is quite short-minded.  In fact, it is because she speaks with such care and consideration, and because of the depths of the arcane subjects that she plumbs that it takes some time to simplify for you.  Indeed, if you don't understand what she is saying, it is because you lack the ability to understand the topic, no matter how much it is dumbed down.

Fact: If a mortal chances upon Sharmair in any of her forms and manages to engage her in conversation, they will become immortal within a week.