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Antron's Initial Thoughts Edit

The wilderness map is defined by a bitmap using 16 colors.  This is four bits; I am not 
sure if the bitmap needs to be saved as 4-bit or if it needs to be saved as 8-bit and 
only use 16 colors.  Anyway, here are the zone types as defined by each pixel's color. 
Also included are the level of movement difficulty, possible harvestable items to be 
found, and possible mobs.

								(these are just examples)
color name	RGB		terrain type	movement	harvestable	mobs
Black		0,0,0		NULL		-		-		-
Gray		128,128,128	coastal land	mostly		rocks, seaweed?	crustacean
Maroon		128,0,0		mountain	very hard	gems, ore	goat,lion
Red		255,0,0		hills		somewhat hard	clay, stone	
Green		0,128,0		deep forest	somewhat hard	tree, gem	
Lime		0,255,0		light forest	mostly easy	tree, herbs(?)	
Olive		128,128,0	thick brush	hard		feathers	dense!
Yellow		255,255,0	grassland	easy		sod?		
Navy		0,0,128		Deep Ocean	ship/ferry	none		none
Blue		0,0,255		Coastal Ocean	boat/swim(hard)	fish, shell	
Purple		128,0,128	Swamp/marsh	very hard	oil, ?		amphibians
Fuchsia		255,0,255	Desert		mostly easy	sand, gem	sparse
Teal		0,128,128	still fresh h2o	swim(easy)	fish
Aqua		0,255,255	river/stream	swim(hard)
Silver		192,192,192	road		free		none		
White		255,255,255	glacier		very hard	????		dangerous

Some notes:
NULL would be used to plug in normal maps; it could represent the entrance to a cave, 
town, building, etc.

Further Thoughts Edit

For the purposes of map-making, each additional terrain type adds a degree of difficulty.  Finding a balance between ease of coding and depth of gameplay is going to be paramount here.  However, I have come to realize that the 16 listed above is rather limiting, and that in fact it is not a bad idea to split some of those down in to two or more terrain types, and would not add a huge amount of trouble.  For example, forests could be coniferous or deciduous, alpine tundra versus arctic tundra, etc.

More can be better under circumstances like this because we can start with basic resources available in multiple terrain types, but then add more specific resources as the game progresses. 

Brainstorm Edit

Here is a list of the terrain types that we've come up with so far. Please feel free to add absolutely anything that you might think of, as this list will be refined later.  Be as specific as you like, or use synonyms:

  1. beach
  2. rocky coast
  3. hills
  4. steppes
  5. mountains
  6. alpine tundra
  7. coniferous forest
  8. deciduous forest
  9. tropical rainforest
  10. temperate rainforest
  11. scrub brush
  12. jungle
  13. lava flow
  14. wastelands
  15. grasslands
  16. meadow
  17. field
  18. plains
  19. desert
  20. canyon
  21. swamp
  22. marsh
  23. river
  24. lake
  25. pond
  26. deep ocean
  27. ocean shore
  28. ice
  29. glacial flow
  30. road
  31. city

Basically the deciding factor for what will stay in and what will not will come down to how we want to handle some game mechanics, particularly resources, but also if we want to have climate and weather be important, and also how Sharmair wants to handle weather. I'd be happy to keep it simple but knowing her she has a crazy system.

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