Tobacco usage can have devastating debuffs, just ask Antron!

Tobacco could be used as a form of role-play within the game and could also be a crop similar to Corn, Wheat, or Apple Orchards. Players could harvest or pick different tobaccos which could then be combined with Herbs which could produce different effects on players when smoked. Players could smoke many different types of tobacco, but would first need to dry the tobacco.


Tobacco would not be a crop that you could pick, like apples, and then just simply plant in the ground. In order to grow tobacco as a crop, you would first need to acquire tobacco leaf seeds. The only way to obtain seeds is to perform large, complex quests. The reason behind this is that tobacco crops are quite profitable and could be used for empire wealth. Upon completing a complex quest-chain to acquire tobacco seeds, you would earn a skill that would ensure that you can harvest seeds from the plants that you grow. Only players that have completed the quest-chain would be able to grow these crops and harvest seeds.

Players would, however, be able to pick tobacco leaves from any planted crops. For this reason, it would be preferable for tobacco crops to be well guarded and protected.


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To smoke tobacco, you must have a pipe. Pipes can be either bought or crafted.

Drying TobaccoEdit

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In order to smoke from any pipe, you need to have a prepared tobacco. Tobacco can be harvested, picked and then dried by players, or purchased from tobacco merchants.


Limits will be in place to be sure that tobacco use is not over-done and that the building buffs specifically are not kept on a player constantly.

Smoking tobacco twice in an hour of game play will result in a two hour cooldown, meaning that any player that has smoked any tobacco twice in an hour would become ill, no longer having the desire to smoke for two real-time hours. This means that buffs from smoking certain tobaccos would be able to be used once per hour, or twice in an hour with a two-hour cooldown penalty.

Plain tobacco can be smoked at any time but provides no buffs and can be used mainly for roleplaying purposes.


  • Each tobacco affects the player smoking or chewing it in a different way by bestowing positive or negative buffs on the player
  • Specific tobaccos could always negatively affect players
  • Tobaccos could be grown as crops much like Wheat, Corn and Apple Orchards
  • Once a tobacco crop has been picked or harvested, the tobacco must then be dried before it can be smoked
  • Tobaccos could be harvested or picked by players to obtain for smoking or herbalism
  • Tobaccos could be combined with other tobaccos for different effects
  • Tobaccos could be used in conjunction with Herbalism and Alchemy or other unlabeled "professions" or "skills"

Proposed Types of TobaccoEdit

Proposed Buffs from TobaccoEdit

  • Relaxed State: You become relaxed and feel at ease. Your hunger and thirst levels do not drop while this buff is active
  • Energized: You become extremely energized after smoking that tobacco! While in this state, you build 25% faster
  • Sick: After smoking [tobacco] you feel sick to your stomach. You now build 25% slower than normal
  • Euphoric: Your perception of reality is altered and you feel one with the universe. Your hunger and thirst levels do not drop while this buff is active, you also build 25% faster. While in this state, you cannot enter combat.
    • Euphoric would be a rare buff, obtainable by difficult means

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