Quoting Sombalance, the implementer of Untamed Lands from an October, 2002 post on Top Mud Sites:

The player base of Untamed Lands is small and growing. Those who have made it their home are friendly, helpful and patience. New players are not considered targets or annoyances but as welcome guests who we hope will enjoy the game as much we do so that they can contribute to its growth.

Untamed Lands is at its core a role playing game. The goal of the code is to support the game mechanics without restricting the role playing potential of the players.  There are Out Of Character channels to use to socialize with the other players as well as to clarify game mechanics and the RP theme.  I think of the players of Untamed Lands in much the same way as I think of my friends who gather around the table for a game of 7th Seas or AD&D, where we keep the character actions IC, but still allow room for the real life friendships of the people who play those characters.

In Untamed Lands you never need to kill anything or anyone.  Your character learns and improves skills by practicing them.  Want to get better at farming or mining, then plant some corn or mine for some iron.

Experience is earned through using a skill or by role playing with others.  The experience points are then spent to convert trained potential into a skill into actual skill knowledge.  In other words, each time you try something you gain a bit of insight into it, but not enough to actually do better.  Eventually you gain enough insight that something clicks and your knowledge of the skill improves.  Applying the experience points that you have earned to the skill is what triggers that click.

Untamed Lands is based around the growth of an island colony that was initially populated by criminals and outcasts. Since then m any others have traveled to the island in search of a new beginning, far away from the growing political unrest of the Kaldarian kingdom. 

The world is human populated. Elves, dwarves, dragons and trolls are out of myths and legends. The technology level is comparable to the late 1600’s of earth.

The game is free to play.

A character may buy land and build on it as they wish. As the code develops, characters will be able to have shops with NPC apprentices capable of holding down the business while the player is off-line.

Everyone is invited to contribute to the story. The world is growing and changing and it the players who will provide the direction for that growth.  How far you go will depend on your ability, and political intrigue depends on how you role play and who you role play with.

The code base is SMAUG, but it has been heavily modified.  Everything from character to character death has been or is  in the process of being modified to blend with the theme and atmosphere of the game.  Help news and help old_news gives a pretty good breakdown of the changes made over the last year.

Some NPCs are able to communicate with players, but not all. We believe that NPCs should contribute more to the game than just being targets or shopkeepers.  As with all aspects of the game, this will improve over time as more changes are implemented.

We welcome players who ask for a lot. It’s the only way to prevent stagnation and to constantly improve the environment. In return we like to see the player contribute to that environment with strong role playing and a commitment to character development.

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